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Program Information

Registration Information for 2023

2023 Registration Pricing:


Flag Football & Flag Cheer: $180

Flag - Early Registration (Returners/Siblings Only) till approx. EOD 2/12/2022: $160

A, B & C Football & Cheer: $295

A, B, C - Early Registration (Returners/Siblings Only) till approx. EOD 2/12/2022: $275

RYFC Football Grades and Weights

  • FLAG – Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd Grades
    • No Weight Limit
  • C SQUAD – 3rd Grade
    • Grade 2 if approved by the SJR President
    • No Weight Limit
  •  B SQUAD – 4th & 5th Grade
    • Backfield weight limit*: 130
  • A SQUAD – 6th & 7th Grade
    • Backfield weight limit*: 155

*Backfield Weight Limit: Player must be below the weight limits in order to receive a handoff. It is, however, allowable for these players to receive a pass beyond the line of scrimmage.

Important Note: C Squad will be split into 2 equal-sized teams for game days to ensure fair play time and learning of the new rookie format. Squad assignments will be provided closer to the season and at this time we cannot accept any requests for placement in order to ensure that there is no perception of "stacking the teams". We anticipate that each coaching staff will work together during practices so the athletes can all have the same learning experience. 


RYFC Cheerleading Grades

  • Flag - Kindergarten & 1st Grades
  • C - 2nd & 3rd Grades 
  • B - 4th & 5th Grades
  • A - 6th & 7th Grades

Note: All grades are as of the fall of 2023 school year. If your child(s) are home schooled, please talk with the Jr Rangers President about eligibity.

*Anyone in going into 7th Grade cannot participate in both Junior Rangers and Modified Football/Cheerleading per our new League's policies

General Information About Our Season

  • 2023 is a new season and all players will need to be registered with us again. If you have a sports engine account please continue to use that to register. 
  • Our organization does require parent volunteers as well as fundraising details. Information can be found in our Parent Handbook above.
  • Our Annual Parent Kick Off Meeting is generally held on a Saturday Morning in June - we provide information about the upcoming season, provide an opportunity to hand in registration/outstanding paperwork, provide an opportunity to learn more about volunteer slots etc.
  • Uniform handout takes place in Mid-July. Football is done at West Ridge Storage, Cheerleading is done inside a school for easier sizing.
      • Football:
        • Provided (at handouts):
          • Flag:
            • Game day Jersey, Pants, Socks
            • Mouthguard
          • A, B, C:
            • Game day Jersey, Pants, Socks
            • Practice Jersey and Pants
            • Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Rib Pants, Leg Pads (included in pants)
            • Mouthguard
        • Not Provided (highly recommended)
          • Football Cleats (recommended - cannot have metal spikes)
          • Cup (required for A,B,C Squads)
      • Cheerleading:
        • Provided (at handouts):
          • 3 Piece Cheer Uniform
          • Season Bow
        • Not Provided (required to purchase separately)
          • Cheerleading Sneakers (Chase Ace II)
          • Navy Blue Lollies (boy short cut)
  • Our season begins at the very beginning of August. All practices begin promptly, please have your kids to the field 10 minutes prior to practice start.
    • August Practices are held Monday through Thursday and take place a SCSD Field
    • Football & Cheer Practice starts at 6pm
  • When school starts in September practices change to only 3 practices a week (DAYS OF THE WEEK SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON FACILITY AVAILABILITY)
    • Cheer
      • All Cheerleading teams move inside at Canal View Elementary (& other local locations based upon floor rental availability)
      • A/B/C Cheer practices are generally Tuesday through Thursday from 6-8.
      • Flag Cheerleading practices are generally Tuesday & Thursday 6-7:30pm
    • Football
      • All Football teams stay outside
      • A/B/C Football practices are generally Tuesday & Thursday from 6-8pm and Saturday from 11am-1pm. 
      • Flag will practice generally Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7:30pm (no Saturday practice for flag)
  • Picture Night takes place during practice in late August
  • Cheerleading teams compete in 4-5 competitions each season; Flag cheer generally attends approx. 3 events. All depending on availability. We will allow the girls to compete in as many as possible
    • Competition dates to follow as they come in. Please plan to have events on every Saturday in October. In years past we also had one competition in September and one in Buffalo in November.
  • Football games start the last week in August and generally take place on Saturdays or Sundays. The exact schedule should be released Early August. (No Games Labor Day Weekend)
  • Our athletes do get to participate in Spencerport High School’s homecoming parade and football game each year, all football players are cheerleaders are in the parade and the cheerleaders cheer at the game with the High School teams
  • Banquet is held at the end of the year. There is an additional cost per person to attend the Banquet. More information will be distributed towards mid season.

Spencerport Jr. Rangers Football & Cheerleading Sponsors

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Spencerport Jr. Rangers are proud members of the Rochester Youth Football & Cheer League (RYFC)